Homerite Home Inspection

In New York State home inspectors must be licensed by and follow the Standards set by the State. At Homerite we meet, and in many cases exceed, those standards.  That is just one more reason to choose Homerite for your inspection. We don't just meet the minimum requirements like most inspectors - we go above and beyond.

Your home inspector will conduct a visual inspection of accessible systems and components of your home including :

  • Structure and Foundation

  • Electrical Systems

  • Plumbing Systems

  • Roofs and Attics

  • Basements and Crawl Spaces

  • Gutters and Drainage

  • Walls, Floors and Ceilings

  • Windows and Doors

  • Porches and Decks

  • Property and Site

Your home inspector will also inspect and operate:

  • Furnaces in Heating Season

  • Air Conditioning in Cooling Season

  • Plumbing Fixtures in Kitchens and Baths

  • Water Heaters

  • Lights and Receptacles

  •  Windows and Doors

Additional Services

In addition to home inspections we also offer the following services:

  • Swimming Pool Inspection

  • Well Water Quality Testing

  • Lead Paint Testing

  • Asbestos Testing

  • Soil Testing